Coaching in practice

Executing a Lean Agile project, Lean Six Sigma projects, setting up an improvement program, setting up operational management or correctly directing project leaders are skills that you can learn. However, applying these skills in practice can be more challenging. Lean Six Sigma Group offers guidance and coaching to get the maximum result from your improvement initiatives. We provide guidance during a coaching process, but you are in control. Lean Six Sigma Group thus contributes to your success.

Support during Lean Six Sigma projects during training

Lean Agile Six Sigma praktijk coachingThe Green Belt and Black Belt training courses of Lean Six Sigma Group include coaching moments. These moments aim to support students during their first projects. After an initial success, there is a much greater chance that students will take on new projects and receive support from their organization. The coaching starts with an introductory interview for the training. It focuses on the student’s learning goal and the improvement goal for the organization. The project is discussed at set times during and outside the training. Where necessary, we remove bumps together.