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In practice we see that to get continuous improvement and process control operational, it starts somewhere in the organization. We look at what is needed and make a plan on how to get started.

Suzanne Meinen and Chris Snellen van Vollenhoven started Lean Six Sigma Group in 2012 as two freelancers. First we worked with other network partners and gradually we started to hire people and we got an office. Now we consist of a group of around 25 people, 15 people and the rest self-employed. We have training locations in The Hague, Amsterdam and Doorn. Our intention is to really help organizations to get Lean working. We do this with the credo of We-Lead, Co-Lead, You-Lead.

What is Lean, Six Sigma, Agile en Proces Improvement?

Process control can be improved with various principles such as working with Scrum in sprints and Lean Operational Management.

Implementing this helps organizations work more effectively. You may have already heard of Lean, Six Sigma, Agile or other methods to initiate process improvement.

All methods strive to deliver value for the customer from the vision of an organization by delivering a product or service. But what kind of methods are they and where do they come from? Which one fits in best with your organization, company or situation?

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What our clients say

Akhil Prakash - Green Belt (English)

Thanks Ward!
It was a well organized and fun filled training and it helped me to change my thought process on approaching a process / problem statements. As a trainer you were great and was keen on sensing the vibe from the group , also responded well on it.

Bianca Barroso - Green Belt (English)

It was really interesting to look at fundamental concepts from both Lean and Six Sigma through a very practical lens, as opposed to the theoretical approach I was trained to do. Ward’s professional experience enabled him to guide us on realizing critical insights. Totally recommend!

Edris Osmani - Green Belt (English)

A very interesting and helpful training from which I have gained many tools to create an effective mindset to define problems and create understanding for continuous improvement of processes and managing/setting up a well founded project.

I had the pleasure to be trained by Ward, who is a very capable trainer with a lot of practical experience. It was inspiring to see how he created synergy a good vibe within a very diverse group existing of many different (work) backgrounds and nationalities.

William Ric-Hansen - Green Belt (English)

The training was very interesting and informative. I liked that the focus wasn’t only on theory but very practical. This means that it’s easy to use the techniques in the “real world”. I have already used a lot in my job, and look forward to continuing this.

Petra Novakova - Green Belt (English)

What a great course! This course exceeds my expectation. The study material was clear and sufficient to understand each of the tools you need to use. Practical exercises were followed up to applicate what you learn. Trainer (Ward) is guiding you during your presentation of the work, giving very valuable feedback and self reflection. The trainer is very knowledgeable, positive and keep your attention sharp up to the end of the training. Also the number of participants in class are not overloaded, this provides enough space and attention for each member. I can strictly recommend this training!

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