Black Belt English training

Lead the improvement to success with people and processes

In this comprehensive learning program, you will cultivate the expertise to oversee Lean deployment, take the helm in leading and coaching improvement projects, and coach executives and managers on continuous improvement strategies. Moreover, you will gain the essential knowledge and hands-on experience to become a proficient authority in the realm of Lean Six Sigma.

Price: € 6.895,-
15 days Includes Training material, Location costs, Catering, and Certificate of participation Excludes VAT (VAT free if applicable), Practical Certification and Exam + 2 Coaching moments

What will you learn during a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program?

Upon completing this training and becoming a Black Belt, you will possess a diverse skill set. As a Black Belt, you will excel in solving complex problems, mentoring Green Belts, driving the implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles within your organization, and effectively managing the necessary cultural changes. This intensive and hands-on training equips you to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in your workplace, ensuring a seamless integration of Lean Six Sigma practices. Would you like to follow the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training in Dutch? Click on the button below.

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Who is the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training for?

The Black Belt training is designed for anyone who wants to be involved in structured process improvements and change processes within an organisation, such as improvement project leaders, (programme) managers, and consultants.

No specific prior training is required to participate in the Black Belt training; anyone can enroll. Nor do you need to have done any of the previous training courses (such as Yellow Belt trainingOrange Belt training, or Green Belt training) before starting the Black Belt training. If you already have Green Belt, you can join the Green Belt to Black Belt training.

The level of the Black Belt training corresponds to HBO thinking and working level.

Duration of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course

The Black Belt training takes 13-17 days, depending on which Black Belt route you choose. The days are divided into 6-8 blocks of consecutive days. Training times are from 09:15 AM to 16:30 PM. For each block, you should allow for about 4 hours of preparation time. The aim is to put what you have learned into practice as much as possible.

The Black Belt training is followed by the exam. This takes 3 hours. Preparation time for the exam varies per participant. In our experience, most participants need about 20 hours of preparation.

Content Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

At the start of the training course, you will learn the DMAIC cycle, a proven method that helps solve problems by first identifying the causes before devising and implementing solutions.

During the training, you will further learn how to improve business processes by identifying, analysing, and reducing waste. The focus is on creating added value for the customer. With this vision, you work on simplifying processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

A Black Belt acts as an internal consultant specializing in continuous improvement, and during the Black Belt training, you will learn how to fulfill this role effectively. You will learn how to set up an improvement programme and how to link the organisation’s vision and processes to improvements. Implementing Lean methodology is an essential part of this programme.

Your understanding of statistics and Lean Agile Six Sigma techniques will be further deepened. Additionally, you will learn how to coach Green Belts within your organization and guide managers in effectively implementing Lean methodology to establish a strong foundation.

Policy Deployment will be a significant component of your Black Belt training, allowing you to effectively align the organization’s strategy with processes and process goals. This ensures clarity for all employees, empowering them to contribute to the realization of the company’s vision. An essential aspect of this training involves honing your leadership skills to lead improvements in both people and processes, crucial for excelling as a Black Belt.

Programme of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course

In outline, the most complete programme is as follows:

Introduction and Define: 2 days

  • Introduction of processes
  • Introduction to LeanSix Sigma, and the DMAIC Roadmap
  • Change management in improvement projects
  • Explanation and simulation of Agile working
  • Change management and improvement programmes
  • Defining the global problem and objective
  • Customer requirements, customer demand, and customer journey
  • Drawing up the main process and project charter
  • Stakeholder management

Measure and analyse: 2 days

  • Mapping the current process with value stream analysis
  • Basic statistics, data collection, and process performance
  • Drawing up measurement plans and carrying out the measurement
  • Searching for the (root) causes of the problem
  • From data to insight

Improve and Control: 3 days

  • Finding countermeasures for the root causes
  • Creating and implementing an implementation plan
  • Implementation with sprints and Agile steering
  • Validating the result
  • Securing the implemented solution

Policy Deployment: 2 days (block 1 of the Green Belt to Black Belt programme)

Masterclass Policy Deployment; This in-depth module deals with programme management and Lean Six Sigma Policy Deployments. It focuses on the questions “How do we roll out process improvement in organisations and what is involved in this?”. We cover techniques such as:

  • Programme Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Policy Deployments
  • Strategy determination
  • X-matrix
  • Lean Leadership
  • Operational Management
  • OGSM
  • Change Chart

Advanced Lean: 2 days (block 2 of the Green Belt to Black Belt programme)
Part of the Lean Six Sigma curriculum

  • The 14 Lean management principles
  • Mixed-model value stream mapping
  • Future state-building of more complex processes
  • Lean in service environments

Advanced Six Sigma: 2 days (block 3 optional from Green Belt to Black Belt programme)
Part of the Six Sigma curriculum

  • Data analysis according to the Six Sigma method
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Process performance analysis
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Working with the statistical analysis program Minitab

Agile & Scrum: 2 dagen
Onderdeel Lean Agile curriculum

  • Agile working in teams, Scrum, and working in sprints
  • Scaling up Agile working in an organisation
  • Scaling up with the Spotify model and with SAfe
  • Lean Agile coaching and applying Agile working in various organisations

Coaching Green Belts and integration: 2 days (block 4 of the Green Belt to Black Belt training)

  • Coaching Green Belts’ projects
  • Coaching Green Belts through the Coaching Kata and the Coaching Arc
  • DISC
  • Core quadrants
  • Leary’s Rose
  • Exam preparation

Variants Black Belt training

The English Black Belt training is offered in four variants where the difference is that the optional 3 blocks of the GB2BB training can be chosen or done both:

The 15-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
This is the ‘normal’ variant of the Black Belt training with 7 days of Green Belt knowledge and 8 days of upgrade to Black Belt. The latter 8 days are divided into 4 blocks of 2 days, with the Advanced Six Sigma section included. The Agile & Scrum block is not followed. This programme lasts 15 days, after which you obtain a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.
The 13-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
The shortest route is the Bootcamp variant of the Green Belt section followed by the 4 blocks of Black Belt training. Here you will receive your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate after a 13-day learning path.

Required learning resources

The Black Belt learning programme requires the learning tools listed below.

These tools are included in the training.

  • Training material
  • USB stick with exercises
  • Workbook for your certification project
  • Introduction and one-month access to MiniTab
  • Trial exam
  • Coaching moments

Coaching during the Black Belt training programme

The Black Belt training comprises four coaching sessions. In these one-on-one interactions, a Black Belt will provide personalized support for your Lean Six Sigma project approach. We will review your progress and workbook together, addressing any obstacles you may encounter and providing assistance as needed. The aim is to ensure your project moves forward successfully and to help you overcome any challenges along the way.

Certificate Black Belt English training

Lean Six Sigma Groep is accredited by LCSIASSC, CRKBO and CEDEO. This ensures that the training meets internationally applicable requirements and standards and guarantees the quality of our training courses.

LCS Lean Six Sigma - Lean Six Sigma Groep                IASSC - Lean Six Sigma Groep                 CRKBO - Lean Six Sigma Groep
CEDEO - Lean Six Sigma Groep

Upon completion of the training, an LCS Lean Six Sigma Groep certificate of participation follows. It is also an option to become fully practice-certified as a Black Belt. The following requirements apply here:

  1. Certificate of participation. The certificate of participation after completion of the full training. A maximum of 1 day of training may be missed.
  2. Theory exam. This exam consists of both multiple-choice and open questions.
  3. Two practical assignments. As project leader of an improvement team, a Lean Six Sigma practical assignment is carried out in an organisation. This practical assignment demonstrates your ability to analyse a process and implement improvements with demonstrable results. The practical assignment is tested by a Black Belt from the Lean Six Sigma Groep. Upon successful completion of the project, a full LCS Lean Six Sigma Groep Black Belt Certificate will follow.

Why Black Belt training at Lean Six Sigma Groep?

At Lean Six Sigma Groep, the Black Belt training offers a unique opportunity where you can chart your own path. If you aspire to enhance your skills in Lean Six Sigma and become proficient in advanced Six Sigma techniques, the regular Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program could be the ideal choice for you.


J. Lee

I especially thank for my tutor, Remco, as he was passionate, dedicated to guide us to cover all elements about relevant analysis tools and lean six sigma principles. I enjoyed taking the lessons, would love to consider to take the further black course lesson when time comes. Again appreciate your efforts for such informative & intuitive courses!