We Lead

Through consultancy; we improve processes or process control in organizations


By educating people in Lean and Agile and by setting the direction and goals with managers

You Lead

By coaching people. Our goal is always to make ourselves superfluous and to make the organization stronger.

Incompany Training

The Lean Six Sigma Group offers both open enrollment and in-company training. In-company training is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Various in-company training options are possible.

Coaching & Certification

Conducting a Lean Agile project, Lean Six Sigma projects, establishing an improvement program, setting up operational management, or effectively guiding project leaders are skills that can be learned.

Agile Training

Agile is a way of working where agility is paramount. An organization that executes a project based on the Agile methodology is aware of the fact that circumstances are changing and knows how to respond smartly. Customer satisfaction is central.

Quick Scan

A Quick Scan is a brief examination of a process within an organization. The goal is to provide a quick and thorough analysis, identifying key opportunities, bottlenecks, and improvement possibilities.


The Obeya principle is nowadays applied more broadly. We frequently utilize this method in the governance of organizations and departments.


Implementation is the introduction of an improvement in an organization. The goal is for the innovation or change to become part of the daily operations and for individuals within the organization to think and act in accordance with the intentions of the change.