Lean Six Sigma Belts

The different training levels in Lean Six Sigma are often named after the colored belts found in Eastern martial arts. Consider the qualities of a Black Belt: highly trained, experienced, disciplined, controlled, and receptive. There are various Lean Six Sigma Belts explained below.

Lean Six Sigma Belts

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts

Employees who possess basic knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and have completed an introductory training in the methodology.

Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt

Orange Belts

Employees who encounter Lean Six Sigma in their work and need knowledge about the tools and techniques used. As team members, they work on improvement projects or carry out minor improvements themselves. Green Belts are trained in this, where the most commonly used tools are explained and practiced within the DMAIC basics.

More information about our Orange Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Green BeltGreen Belts

Department managers, project leaders, employees involved in process improvement, both as team members and in the role of project leaders.

Green Belts are trained in going through the DMAIC cycle with associated tools and techniques such as Lean Tools, statistical applications, and Change management.

A (Master) Black Belt provides expert guidance.

More information about our Green Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belts

Project managers, consultants, program managers, department managers, engineers who lead a process improvement project or program. They guide Green Belts during their projects and provide training. Black Belts have applied Lean Six Sigma techniques in practice and have the necessary theoretical background in Change Management, Policy deployment, and data analysis.

More information about our Black Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Master Black Belts

Program managers, trainers, coaches, and advisors in Lean Six Sigma. A Master Black Belt has extensive experience with the methodology and can disseminate it and guide organizations. The Master Black Belt serves as a coach for Black Belts and the senior management of a company. Additionally, they ensure that Lean Six Sigma programs align with the strategic direction of an organization, fostering a continuous improvement culture.

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