Our approach

For Lean Six Sigma Group, training, advice and implementation are only of lasting added value if the approach is result and people oriented. And that is precisely why we pay a lot of attention in our services to lasting changes. The human aspect is an enormously important factor. Change management is an important part of our training, projects and programs. With the help of Lean, Agile and Six Sigma we guide our students and clients to improve their ambition processes. We provide open training, but also In-company training.

The perfecte combination of Lean and Six Sigma

In many trainings Six Sigma is used a lot, and only a little of Lean. However, we have combined Lean and Six Sigma in our training courses and show how Lean can be data-driven. By applying Lean Six Sigma in a case, it becomes clear during training how the method can be implemented in practice. After the training, our practical training materials form a good reference work for applying Lean Six Sigma in practice.

One of the clearest methods for applying this is the use of our funnel model:

From theory to practice

With a compact and complete training curriculum we give individuals and organizations the opportunity to quickly view the tools of Lean Six Sigma. By means of “coaching on the job”, we personally visit the practical assignment and offer full practical training through this method.

Trainers from experience

Another unique aspect of the Lean Six Sigma Group is the extensive experience of our trainers. They possess a lot of knowledge about applying the Lean Six Sigma method in practice. Our Master Black Belts and Black Belts know the challenges, pitfalls and successes and come across when implementing projects.

Continuous Improvement

Of course there is always room for improvement. That is why we constantly review our training courses and keep them up-to-date with the latest ideas and information. This keeps them in line with the needs of the market. Our focus on innovation guarantees that you are always at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma in the Lean Six Sigma Group.


With a thorough and systematic approach, we help organizations achieve cost reductions and increase customer satisfaction. Our mix of customer focus, knowledge, creativity and stubbornness during the training gives a pleasant cooperation but above all a good result.

Companies are faced with quite a number of challenges: staff reductions, tight budgets, stagnating stock prices, and of course an ever-increasing competition. But no matter how different these challenges are, they all point to one fundamental necessity: continuous improvement. Lean Six Sigma Group understands that such improvements will result from changes in many complex, interrelated factors ranging from the technology and processes used to the corporate culture. That is why we have certified Lean and Lean Six Sigma experts who are able to manage and support these improvements throughout the entire company.