Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English training

Learn to support process improvements on Green Belt level
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7 days
Training materials, catering, 2 coaching sessions, certificate of participation
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VAT (ask for VAT exclusion conditions), Certificate of practice and Exam

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    Learn to support process improvements on Green Belt level

    During the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English training you will develop your competencies to lead processes improvements and implementation. After this training you will be able to execute process improvements projects within your organization, as a project leader. Briefly, this is a practical training that you can apply directly in your own work environment.

    You will learn how to improve business processes by detecting, analysing and reducing issues in the processes. It is not only about savings but also about altering processes implementation, particularly on what the customer pays for. The added value for your customer is being placed in centre. This approach will simplify processes and at the same will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

    Who is the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English training for?

    The Green Belt training is being chosen by projects managers or leaders working on improvement projects and consultants who wants to get started with Lean Six Sigma. No previous education is required for this training. The training is at high school + level.

    Duration of the training

    Duration of the regular training is 7 days or 56 hours, spread over a period of approximately three months and 3 blocks.

    The training times are from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    During each block, there are assignments to work on, which usually take up to half of a day or 12 hours in total. The assignments are primarily aimed to successfully and practically execute improvement project in own work environment.

    After completing the Lean Six Sigma English training, every participant can take the Green Belt exam. The preparation time for this exam varies per participant. We assumed that approximately 12 hours of preparation is required to successfully pass an exam.

    What will you learn in the Lean Six Sigma English training?

    The Lean Six Sigma English Green Belt training combines the theory and practical approach. We’re working a lot with examples based on real business cases from our record and participants’ experiences. Therefore, you can apply the theory with ease in your own situation and keep on track. The outline of the 7-day training is as following:

    Assignment preparation: “Looking for improvement project”

    Block 1:

    Methodology introduction: What is Lean, what is Six Sigma and how do these methods cooperate with each other?
    Define: Who is the customer, what is the customer need/expectation, which process get involved and how to track the results?
    Assignment preparation: “Going through the Define phase for your improvement project and presenting the results”

    Block 2:

    Measure: determine and performing a measurement, performing a measurement system analysis, determine the size of the obstacle.
    Assignment preparation “Execute the Measure phase and presenting the current state” (value stream map and process capability).

    Block 3:

    Analyse: identify the causes of the problem, data & process analysis, determine the root cause.
    Improve: seeking for solutions for the root cause, the best solution selection, implementing solution in practice.
    Control: secure the implemented solution, set up permanent measurement, determine process improvement.
    Learn how to execute changes and to guarantee a project succeed within your organization.
    Exam preparation
    After this training you will able to take the exam, also we will plan a coaching session to continue with your project improvement.

    Certificate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English training

    After this training you will receive a certificate of participation. To be fully certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt you need to meet the following requirements:

    1. The certificate of participation: you have obtained this by completing the training.
    2. The theory exam: you have succesfully demonstrated a knowledge of the theory by taking an exam. All components of the training are being tested. This exam includes the multiple-choice questions and open questions.
    3. The practical assignment: you have performed a Lean Six Sigma assignment in your organization, and you have carried out this project independently. The aim is to demonstrate ability to analyse processes and to implement project improvements, where you can use a template provided by Lean Six Sigma Group. Your project will be examined by a Master Black Belt from Lean Six Sigma Groep.
      If you have chosen to follow the training including an exam and certification, an additional fee of € 300.00 excluding VAT will be charged.

    A single purchase of an exam and certification will cost € 350.00 excluding VAT. Visit the Green Belt Exam page to register for an exam.

    International recognition

    LCS Lean Six Sigma - Lean Six Sigma Groep                IASSC - Lean Six Sigma Groep              CRKBO - Lean Six Sigma Groep               NRTO - Lean Six Sigma Groep                CEDEO - Lean Six Sigma Groep
    The Green Belt exam of Lean Six Sigma Groep examines the subject matter covered during the training.

    Lean Six Sigma Groep is accredited by IASSC, ASQ, LCS and CEDEO. The Lean Six Sigma Group meets the internationally applicable requirements and standards, and high quality of our trainings is guaranteed.

    Our training courses and certificates are accredited by LCS, which stands for Lean Competency System. This is a quality mark for training courses in continuous improvement and it is affiliated with the University of Cardiff. The LCS certificate is being recognized internationally. If you have any questions about it, please contact us.

    Curious for more?

    In the form below you can download the brochure of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. Here you will find more detailed information about the training. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Akhil Prakash - Green Belt (English) -

    Thanks Ward!
    It was a well organized and fun filled training and it helped me to change my thought process on approaching a process / problem statements. As a trainer you were great and was keen on sensing the vibe from the group , also responded well on it.

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    12 Februari 2024
    7 Days
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    7 Days

    7-day variant in which theory and practice can be implemented together.

    5 Days

    5-day training in which all the theory is covered in one week.


    Come in contact with
    Boris Oudmaijer
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt consultant


    Lean Six Sigma Groep is door LCS, IASSC, CRKBO, NRTO en CEDEO geaccrediteerd.