Training Location: Zoetermeer

Nestled in the heart of Zoetermeer, on Baron de Coubertinlaan, you’ll find our dynamic learning hub. This modern center stands in contrast to the traditional setting you might expect, yet offers a surprisingly serene and stimulating learning environment amidst the urban hustle. The location is embraced by the greenery and tranquility essential for a fruitful training experience, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the curriculum without external distractions.

The modern facilities are designed to provide comfort and efficiency, ensuring that each training session is both enjoyable and substantively rich. It’s a place not just for learning but also for exchanging experiences.

In this vibrant and accessible setting, we aim to offer each participant an enriching learning experience, focusing on personal growth and professional development.

Trainingslocatie Zoetermeer

Parking Facilities

At our Zoetermeer location, you can take advantage of free parking available directly at the premises. Ample parking facilities make it easy to attend your training without any worries.

Accessibility by Public Transport

Our location in Zoetermeer is also excellently accessible by public transport, ensuring easy access from different parts of the region. The nearest bus stops and train stations are well connected to the surrounding cities and offer frequent services that meet the needs of our participants. For detailed travel planning and to find the most suitable route for your journey, we advise consulting the NS website or Google Maps. These tools provide up-to-date travel information and help you plan your visit to our training facility in Zoetermeer smoothly.