We strive for results

We are fully committed to make Lean, Agile and Six Sigma really work in practice. Of course others might say that too, but we really do it. We help you so that you achieve results for your organization. We have been doing this since 2012 by training, coaching you and ensuring that you can implement changes successfully yourself.

Flexible and seasoned

It starts with our trainings. We are flexible. We connect them to your organization by approaching the training courses in a unique way. After all, every student has a different need, is in a different situation and does a different project.

We can do this because we have seasoned trainers who breathe the material. You learn Lean and Six Sigma, and especially improve and change in such a way that it actually delivers the desired results in your situation.

Energetic, personal and pleasant

Our years of experience make us thorough, and we are quite proud of that. Students experience our approach as energetic, fresh, personal and pleasant. They say that sometimes they almost see us as colleagues. And that they feel at home at our training locations. And we experience it the same way. Please contact us if you want to know more about us. Or see which Green Belt, Black Belt or other training we have planned for you. We are happy to help you!

Suzanne Meinen

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Suzanne Meinen

Suzanne graduated in 1998 in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. At KLM, she became so enthusiastic about Six Sigma that she decided to become a Black Belt. As a partner at Lean Six Sigma Group, she helps organizations with sustainable results.

Chris Snellen van Vollenhoven

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Chris graduated in 2006 in business administration from Nyenrode University. After his studies he worked as a consultant for Capgemini, mainly in financial services and with the government. He is now a partner at Lean Six Sigma Group.

Remco Massaar

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Remco is an experienced trainer and consultant. He has already trained and guided countless Green and Black Belts with their first project in all kinds of branches. The structured way in which Remco works with the students is always greatly appreciated.

Ward de Beer

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Ward has gained a lot of experience in business services as a project manager in an IT and operational environment. His passion is to be able to contribute to tangible solutions in the field of strategy and output of improvement projects.

Colin Mulders

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Colin has more than 15 years of experience in financial services. He is also a Professional (Agile) Coach and specialized in guiding (process) changes in the workplace, with a lot of attention for the human side.

Luuk Muskens

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Luuk has experience in the construction sector and in the communication world. He likes to work on setting up effective collaborations to achieve a good balance between customer wishes and the possibilities of a company.

Annuska Versluis

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Annuska, with nearly 20 years of accounting experience, ensures that the financial administration at Lean Six Sigma Group runs smoothly.

Eya Wubben

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Eya, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, has a combination function of trainer and project manager within our organization. Eya is enthusiastic and ambitious and likes to guide others in their development.

Christiaan Neeteson

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Christiaan, responsible for online marketing and the website. He is enthusiastic about investigating what drives people and mapping the underlying mechanisms.

Lian Eleuwarin

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Lian studies Office Management at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, which brought her to Lean Six Sigma Groep as an intern. Now she supports the back office in the necessary work.

Claudia Vogelaar

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Claudia has 30 years of experience in conducting administrative and financial processes. In addition to her position as Office Manager at Lean Six Sigma Group, she has her own company in giving medical (sports) massages.

Bert de Greeff

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has more than 15 years of experience in leading change projects and process improvements and has fulfilled various management roles. It comes into its own in complex environments where it drives, designs and realizes improvement.

Mark de Bruijn

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is enterprising, optimistic, connecting and innovative. His leadership style is characterized as participating / coaching. He likes to advise on group and change processes within organizations.

Evan Nieuwburg

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Evan is a trainer / coach with many years of experience in management positions in front and back office environments in the financial sector. As a Black Belt and Agile Coach, he is completely in his element as a trainer.

Gert Kamphuis

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is driven, enthusiastic and able to connect with the participants. He has strong analytical insight, works in a structured way and achieves results by making good use of feedback.