Putting Lean, Agile and Six Sigma into practice

We strive for results

We are a consultancy and training company located in the Netherlands. We are fully committed to make Lean, Agile and Six Sigma really work in practice. Of course others might say that too, but we really do it. We help you so that you achieve results for your organization. We have been doing this since 2012 by training, coaching you and ensuring that you can implement changes successfully yourself.

We offer:

✔️ Unique combination of Lean, Agile and Six Sigma
✔️ Focus on practice
✔️ Coaching included in training
✔️ Ability to take the exam immediately

Lean Six Sigma Groep biedt verschillende vacatures aan

Flexible and seasoned

It starts with our trainings. We are flexible. We connect them to your organization by approaching the training courses in a unique way. After all, every student has a different need, is in a different situation and does a different project.

We can do this because we have seasoned trainers who breathe the material. You learn Lean, Agile and Six Sigma, and especially improve and change in such a way that it actually delivers the desired results in your situation.

Energetic, personal and pleasant

Our years of experience make us thorough, and we are quite proud of that. Students experience our approach as energetic, fresh, personal and pleasant. They say that sometimes they almost see us as colleagues. And that they feel at home at our training locations. We experience it the same way. Please contact us if you want to know more about us. Or see which Green Belt, Black Belt or other training we have planned for you. We are happy to help you!

André Hoogstad

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As an experienced professional, André is characterized by a high degree of development orientation. He has guided the necessary change, merger and implementation processes in various managerial positions.

Ben van Asselt

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Ben has many years of experience in leading successful Lean transformations and operational Lean management in healthcare. His approach fizzes with energy making improvement projects and trainings a pleasure to participate in.

Bert de Greeff

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Bert has more than 15 years of experience in leading change projects and process improvements and has fulfilled various management roles. It comes into its own in complex environments where it drives, designs and realizes improvement.

Bert-Jan Teunissen

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Bert-Jan gained over 20 years of experience in business services and logistics where he noticed that ‘change’ seems to be the only constant within companies and government. In various roles he came into contact with Operational Excellence, Agile and Lean thinking. Experience he likes to use as a trainer and consultant.

Boris Oudmaijer

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Boris has fulfilled various roles within operational teams in the financial and technical sector, among others. He graduated in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam in early 2020. Boris’s greatest motivation is the human aspect of change processes.

Chris Snellen van Vollenhoven

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Chris graduated in 2006 in business administration from Nyenrode University. After his studies he worked as a consultant for Capgemini, mainly in financial services and with the government. He is now a partner at Lean Six Sigma Group.

Colin Mulders

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Colin has more than 15 years of experience in financial services. He is also a Professional (Agile) Coach and specialized in guiding (process) changes in the workplace, with a lot of attention for the human side.

Jos Akkermans

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Jos has over 35 years of experience in the private sector, especially Chemistry. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, he enjoys helping others both in the boardroom and in the workplace. He has a passion for training.

Krijn Vrolijk

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Krijn is an experienced change agent with trainer experience. The participants in training courses he gives appreciate his humor and enthusiasm. He prefers not to complicate things unnecessarily. An important personal motivation that he likes to convey is: continuous development towards ever better results.

Manon Blaauw

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Manon works in the Back Office. She ensures that training and exams are arranged down to the last detail and supports her colleagues where necessary.

Marlous van der Zande-Berk

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Marlous is responsible for the Financial Administration. She is always positive and is a stable factor in the group. She is happy to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Martin Vennix

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Martin’s main motivation is to work with impact on drawing up change processes and their implementation. In various roles in project and operational teams in, among other things, financial services, he has developed into a specialist in effective change in 2020.

Michael Spruijt

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Michael Spruijt is a consultant, trainer and coach with more than 15 years of experience in the field of continuous improvement. Because of his experience, process and people-oriented way of working, he understands and speaks the language of the shop floor and the boardroom. He is flexible in fulfilling roles such as project leader, consultant, coach and facilitator.

Rowan de Liefde

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Among other things, Rowan ensures proper planning and execution of the various trainings and exams. She relieves colleagues, performs administrative tasks accurately and is service-oriented.

Ruben Bentvelzen

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Ruben’s background in business economics and projects has allowed him to look into many kitchens in a variety of industries. He is an enthusiastic consultant with a passion for all things development.

Sharif Said

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Sharif is responsible for Online Marketing and website. His passion is optimizing and streamlining processes focused on content marketing (SEO) for websites, search engine advertising (SEA), and social media.

Suzanne Meinen

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Suzanne Meinen

Suzanne graduated in 1998 in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. At KLM, she became so enthusiastic about Six Sigma that she decided to become a Black Belt. As a partner at Lean Six Sigma Group, she helps organizations with sustainable results.

Tessa Kempen

Agile Scrum Consultant/Coach Linkedin logo

Tessa Kempen is a result-oriented consultant and (agile) coach with years of experience in various roles within both commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Tessa has supervised various change processes, in which she developed analysis-based interventions in the areas of process, governance, behavior and leadership.

Ward de Beer

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Ward has gained a lot of experience in business services as a project manager in an IT and operational environment. His passion is to be able to contribute to tangible solutions in the field of strategy and output of improvement projects.