Agile Training

In addition to Lean training, we also offer Agile training. We do this under the Agile Werken label and all under the umbrella of Lean Agile Groep. From the Lean Agile model, we see that process improvement and process control go hand in hand. Processes can be effectively managed using Agile techniques such as Scrum and working in sprints. To teach employees how to work with Agile, we have developed our Agile training. With the Agile Foundation training, you learn the basics of Agile. The Scrum Master training teaches individuals to work as a Scrum Master within an organization, and the Product Owner training prepares them for this role.

Determining the direction of the organization should also be connected to process control and process improvement. A good way to do this is with Obeya. For this, we have created our Obeya training