Complaints Procedure

d.d. 17 november 2021


Lean Six Sigma Groep is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Nevertheless, it may happen that you are not completely satisfied. If it is a minor problem, you can make your complaint to us by phone or email and we will try to answer you as soon as possible and come up with a solution. If the problem or your complaint is more complicated, please follow the complaint procedure below. Of course, we will treat your report or complaint in confidentially and in consultation with you we will try to come to a solution.


Lean Six Sigma Groep uses the following complaints procedure:


  1. Time limit for submitting complaints: Complaints about the performance of the agreement should be submitted to Lean Six Sigma Groep in a timely, complete and clearly described manner. ‘Timely’ is understood to mean ‘within a reasonable period of time after the complainant has observed or could have observed the defects’. Failure to file the complaint in a timely manner may result in the complainant losing his or her rights in the matter.
  2. Notifiability: Complaints should be made in writing to Lean Six Sigma Groep by registered mail to the address:
    Lean Six Sigma Groep
    Regulusweg 11
    2516 AC The Hague
    The complainant should provide reasons for the content of the complaint.
  3. Privacy: A complaint will always be treated confidentially by Lean Six Sigma Groep.
  4. Confirmation of the complaint: Lean Six Sigma Groep will send a confirmation of receipt via e-mail to the complainant within seven working days. If a solution cannot be offered immediately, an indication will also be given of the period of time within which a further investigation will be started and the complaint will be dealt with. Lean Six Sigma Groep aims to resolve the matter within ten business days and will indicate if it takes longer.
  5. Investigation of the complaint: Lean Six Sigma Groep obliges itself to initiate a further investigation of the submitted complaint and strives to be able to take action within a reasonable period of time to satisfy the wishes of the complainant.
    1. The management of Lean Six Sigma Groep will determine for each complaint the need to involve the NRTO’s Complaints Committee.
    2. The NRTO assembles a team of independent third parties who form the customer committee;
    3. The handling of the complaint is done by the management, or the complaints committee, which considers the story of both parties.
    4. The management, or the complaints committee, makes a decision on the complaint within 4 weeks.
    5. The decision of the complaints committee is binding on all parties.
    6. The complaints committee may, due to special circumstances, suspend the handling of the complaint for a maximum of 4 weeks.
    7. The complaints committee will notify the complainant of the adjournment either verbally (by telephone) or in writing, stating the reason for the adjournment and the new term within which the complaint can be expected to be settled.
    8. The management or the complaints committee will give the complainant the opportunity to be heard.
    9. The application of paragraph 8 may be omitted if the complainant has stated that he or she does not wish to use the right to be heard or if a complaint is manifestly unfounded.
    10. The complaints committee draws up a report of the hearing, which forms part of the feedback to those directly involved.
  6. Response to the investigation: Lean Six Sigma Groep will correspond with the complainant about the outcome of the investigation, the decision made and any follow-up actions within the time period communicated under point 4.
  7. Entry into force and continuing disputes:
    1. This agreement is governed by Dutch law.
    2. Disputes that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, may be submitted to the competent court.
    3. All disputes will be settled exclusively by the competent court in the district of The Hague.