We-Lead, Co-Lead, You-Lead

The Lean Agile model is a model where the process is central. The process must be steered: This is possible with Agile principles (daily standups, sprints) but also with Lean principles (operational management, day start). In the section on ‘determining direction’, we look together with management at what the vision is. From this comes the principle: We-Lead, Co-Lead, You-Lead.

Implementing Lean Agile Six Sigma in your organization requires project leaders (called Green and Black Belts) who carry out the Lean Agile Six Sigma projects. By using the Green Belt and Black Belt training courses of the Lean Six Sigma Group, your employees will learn to independently implement improvement projects.
Practice has shown that implementing a method such as Lean Agile Six Sigma is often a little more difficult than following training courses. Lean Six Sigma Group offers you the support that fits within your organization. By using the “We-Lead, Co-Lead, You-Lead” principle, we will coach your employees step by step in the independent execution of projects.

During the first project, your Green Belts will primarily have a supporting role. Your Green Belts will implement the second project together with our Black Belts. The third project will continue to guide our Black Belts in a coaching role from the sidelines, but your employees will be fully in control of their projects.
This approach ensures a phased implementation and helps train your team, so this approach contributes to a successful start with Lean Agile Six Sigma.

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