We-Lead, Co-Lead, You-Lead

We Lead

Through consultancy; we improve processes or process control in organizations


By educating people in Lean and Agile and by setting the direction and goals with managers


You Lead

By coaching people. Our goal is always to make ourselves superfluous and to make the organization stronger.



Executing a Lean Agile project, Lean Six Sigma projects, setting up an improvement program, setting up operational management or correctly directing project leaders are skills that you can learn. However, applying these skills in practice can be more challenging. Lean Six Sigma Group offers guidance and coaching to get the maximum result from your improvement initiatives.

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Lean Agile Six Sigma is a methodology that strives for a continuous improvement organization. Our consultants help you make improvements within the company, without disrupting the daily progress of the work. In short, we help you to become a Lean Agile Six Sigma organization.

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Quick Scan

Our “Quick Scan” has a lead time of over a month and includes a short and focused analysis of the organization, the process and the teams. The power of the Quick Scan is that it is analyzed together with the people from the process.

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Operational Management

The core of Operational Management is that performance and behavior are linked to each other. All employees are accountable to their manager for the performance delivered and take action if they deviate from the norm.

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Incompany Training

Lean Six Sigma Group offers both open registration and In-Company training. In-company training courses are tailor-made and meet the demands of our clients. Various In-Company training courses are conceivable.

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Introduction workshop

The Lean Agile Six Sigma workshop addresses the question “What is Lean, Agile and Six Sigma?”. We touch on topics such as green belt and black belt training. In addition, we discuss the added value that the methods can have for your organization. At the end of the workshop we leave enough information for you to read everything again and we can give advice on how you can implement Lean Agile Six Sigma.

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Get the strategy working together. From plan to action and with that actively helping, that’s what we do. Below are some examples of companies where we have set up this and what we did there. We work with the Lean Agile implementation model. Read more about our implementation cases.

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